Yumove Advance for Dogs

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When your pet is not themselves, there is only one correct choice

We all love our dogs they are pets and part of the family so when your beloved animal is not themselves they deserve the very best tablets on the market today, after all, it is the least we can do to repay the hours and hours of great enjoyment which dogs give us every day.

Clinically proven joint support for your dog

Yumove Dog is a clinically proven natural supplement, providing triple action joint support for dogs.


  • Supports the dog's joint structure
  • Helps to Promotes mobility
  • Will Aids stiff joints
  • Clinically proven


Yumove Dog comes in packets of 60 / 120 and 300 tablets

 3,715 customer reviews 5 Stars from real customers

Yumove Dog

Yumove Advance for Dogs

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Rated 4.9/5 based on 3171 customer reviews
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Product Description: Yumove Dog is a clinically proven natural supplement, providing triple action joint support for dogs making it a clinically proven joint support for your dog. With Thousand More 5 Stars Customer Reviews

Fantastic Value for Money

It is another one from the lintbells stable. They already do the fantastic skin supplement for dogs with itchy dry, sensitive skin.Their Yumove dog joint supplement is again another high-quality supplement with glucosamine, green muscle and a manganese hyaluronic acid vitamin C. It contains everything your dog needs, and it's the quality that counts in supplements, and this is certainly one of the best.The ingredient that you just mentioned I'm sure a lot of us recognises ingredients in the supplements that we take ourselves. So if you do have a dog with joint problems, whether an adult or even your puppy you know if they have joint problems. Then Yumove Dog is an ideal supplement for your dog. Again because of its quality which is very important. Whenever you're talking about supplements skin or joint supplements, it is the quality the ingredients that make the difference. This is a company with a reputation of course and increasing amongst the professional dog owners. You that started to make the name and no I thoughts and used for this can supplement, and even you moved and been impressed with the results. It's so easy to use it's a very powerful tablet. I'm got you've gotten down here I'm and I'm sure on gutsy down here yeltsin's what she's found that one day experts what I this I mean that this the tablets is quite small than if the guys gonna want wanna see that's a small tablet yeah I'm and very palatable but having I say incredibly pallets sabes yet know it's just door cultural topless in Pitts said cheese and how little yes they do I'm most dogs I think we take these without any bribery or corruption I very powerful in my thoughts a rather quick a close down without any trouble at all I'm and 100 and 120 tablets in a pot a one tablet per 15 kilos thereabouts so for a smaller dog you got four months worth of care for a dove I'm spot size two months care so fantastic value for money



Provides a concentrated source of exceptional Omega 3s, including a unique, potent Omega 3 named ETA. The Green Lipped Mussel used in it is carefully pulled utilising a patented cold pressing method to make certain much higher degrees of Omega 3s that was soothing than some other Green Lipped Mussel. The high content of the active Omega 3 oils is one of the reasons why it works so quickly.

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Glucosamine offers the fundamental building blocks of all vital tissues in the joint. It comprises high quantities of the purest Glucosamine HCl (99.8% pure) to supply more concentrated joint support. It is also rich in Chondroitin which plays a vital role. These are coupled with Manganese to support the cartilage, tendons and ligaments which supply joint strength.

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Supplies Hyaluronic Acid, a major component of synovial fluid, which helps cushion and lubricate the joint during motion. Just the Hyaluronic Acid was proven to achieve the joints within 2 hours of consumption, aiding mobility and shock absorption. Our merchandise can also be rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C & E.

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Yumove Dog

Yumove dog comes as a dainty pill so that you can give your dog it is most suitable, either using their meal or just as a tablet alone during the day.

Yumove Dog Clinically proven joint support for your dog
"Real Customer Review - Being elderly and on a small income, I had been recommended this product before going ahead with an expensive consultation to test by a veterans secretary. It was so sad to determine my 12-year-old border collie bitch not being her usual self after her walks in the evenings. I started her and after the very first week was starting to think I'd squandered my money. After about ten days I began giving her three a day in the evenings before her feed. Then at about 15 days came down each day and someone must have swapped dogs there she was jumping up, tail wagging, running around such as the pup I purchased 12 years earlier. Two good walks straining at the lead to be let off a and every day run a mock. I am so very pleased I came across Yumove Dog. No more moaning and groaning and a happier healthier dog. I don't think this product is a complete cure groaning still has her troubles due to old age I guess like all of us, giving a better quality of life to her I completely recommend giving Yumove Dog a try."
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Yumove Supplement Tablets


Natural, ethically - sourced, renewable ingredients.

We have confidence in using -sourced, fixings that are sustainable. It means that we can furnish you a product that is safe for your dog and also the environment.

Top quality ingredients.
We source the best quality ingredients available to make Yumove Dog. Our quality standards are so high; you would find it difficult to discover an individual nutritional supplement that is better quality!

Green Lipped Mussel sustainably farmed in the clear blue coastal waters. Among the main ingredients in New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel. These are cultivated in the clear blue coastal waters. The coastal waters are some of the cleanest in the world, ensuring the highest possible natural quality.

The Green Lipped Mussels are carefully harvested afterwards 'cold extracted' to make certain as much of the beneficial joint ingredients such as Chondroitin and Omega 3 are protected and available for your pet.

Yumove Supplement Tablets

How it Works

Yumove advance comprises 20% more Green Lipped Mussel - a more concentrated form having a larger concentration of ETA and EPA. A unique assortment and processing technique enable higher creation and retention of EFAs than is usually possible (Standard Green Lipped Mussel includes just 4.9% EPA and ETA).

66% have improved Hyaluronic Acid to help synovial fluid functionality further.

N-acetyl-D-glucosamine the building block continues to be added, to further support the glycosaminoglycan pathway to maintain function and healthy joint structures.

Added Beta Glucans supports absorption and gut function.

Following two and half years of extensive clinical research from the Royal Veterinary College, Yumove Dog is now the first combined supplement to be proven to work in just six weeks.

Yumove Advance for Dogs
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